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Just wanted to let people know, if you’re going to see Spiderman 2, there is quite a lot of strobe lighting in the movie. I’m usually ok with it but this time I had to shut my eyes because it was making me feel sick. So if you’re sensitive to strobe effects, just a heads up!

^ This. I ended up squinting at it because it was so crazy. Be careful, especially if you’re prone to epilepsy! 

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french people are so hardcore they eat pain for breakfast

this pun was wasted on you all


if you wanna understand how Europe works remember that for ages syphilis was known as ‘the French disease’ in Italy, Poland and Germany, ‘the Italian disease’ in France, ‘the Spanish disease’ in Poland, ‘the Polish disease’ in Russia, ‘the Christian disease’ or ‘the Western European disease’ in Turkey, and ‘the British disease’ in Tahiti


Lost in thought.

i love the gentleness of Benedict cause in these gifs hes in his Sherlock outfit but you can see he isn’t in character. it’s beautiful.

❝ Bonjour! ❞

Guten Tag! 

So cold, I know you can’t believe it
And so, you built a life on trust
I know that I messed up a few times
For a second there I thought you disappeared
My head is stuck in the clouds

Anonymous said:
❝ Hi. ❞

Well you only need the light when it’s burning low, 
Lately I’ve been losing sleep
Call it what you want
The clouds hold a storm over this road
Hey heart on the road again, moving on forward. 

This sort of makes sense? 

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❝ hi! ❞

Waited for your call, for the moon
A leaf in the breeze, the smoky morning haze
I tremble, they’re going to eat me alive
Sleep don’t visit, so I choke on sun, and the days blur into one
So, didn’t you find love or salvation in what they do?

Well then… o.o

mr pond